Historical Performance

Our portfolios take advantage of rising markets and cushion the fall during inevitable market downturns, giving our clients more consistent returns with less risk^.

^See how we reduce risk.

Frequently asked questions

Do the published returns (above) include income?

Yes. The returns include both capital returns and distribution income. Distribution income is assumed to be reinvested.

How does Stockspot calculate returns?

The returns published on the Stockspot website (above) use the compound time-weighted methodology. This is how much the portfolio has grown from the start date. Time-weighted return is a good measure of the performance of the portfolio allocation since it removes the distorting impacts of top up investments and withdrawals.

Why are my returns different to the published returns?

Your returns will be different to the time-weighted returns because of when you started investing and the impact of any additional top up investments or withdrawals you've made.

The returns in your Stockspot dashboard (and app), use the money-weighted return approach. This is the most accurate way to calculate individual returns for clients. It takes into account your investment starting date and any top up investments and withdrawals. Read more about how Stockspot calculates returns.

Are returns from investing guaranteed?

Returns from investing are never guaranteed. When you invest there is market risk which is the risk that your capital may go down in value. Unlike a savings account, investment returns will vary depending on the performance of each of the asset classes that make up your portfolio - shares, bonds, and gold. Generally, the longer you're planning to invest, the better your potential for a positive return. That's why we recommend a time horizon of at least three to seven years depending on the portfolio.

Why wouldn't I just buy the ASX 200?

Stockspot helps you to invest in a fully diversified portfolio, spreading your money across different asset classes, sectors and regions so you can have more consistent returns with less risk^. A fully diversified Stockspot portfolio contains Australian shares, global developed market shares, emerging market shares, Australian bonds, and gold.

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