Stockspot Topaz Inflation Portfolio

The Stockspot Topaz Inflation portfolio is a mixed asset portfolio that aims to deliver higher inflation protection while diversifying across countries, assets, and sectors. This strategy targets attractive long-term returns from a blend of regular income and capital growth.

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Stockspot Topaz Inflation is a portfolio of investments that have historically provided higher levels of inflation protection.

Asset returns after inflation (real returns) during periods of accelerating inflation 1979-2019^


Past performance of financial products is no guarantee of future performance.

Suggested investment horizon: 7+ years

Why Stockspot Topaz Inflation portfolio?

Diversified investment approach

Gain exposure to both Australian and international shares, including high dividend shares accessed via diversified ETFs. Our portfolio invests in a broad range of assets, focusing on income generation, making it an ideal core investment holding.

Inflation protection

Inflation can eat away at the value of a typical portfolio of shares and bonds, making your money lose purchasing power. To protect against this, adding commodities like oil and precious metals like gold and silver can help your investments maintain their real value. Assets like commodities and precious metals often rise when sustained period of inflation occurs.

Low-cost investing

Experience the benefits of low-cost ETFs, so you get to keep more of your returns.

Inflation can be slow to fall back below 3%

For investors saving for retirement or large purchases in the future, it's essential to consider the impact of inflation on the value of your money. An investment portfolio designed to protect against inflation is a proactive approach to safeguarding your future purchasing power.

History tells us that once inflation gets above 7%, reverting to under 3% usually takes 4 to 16 years, with a median of over 8 years.

Source: Research Affiliates.


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Frequently asked questions

I am an existing Stockspot client, how do I create a new portfolio?

You can create a new portfolio inside your existing web dashboard using the multi-account slide out menu.

Why is it only available to Emerald and Topaz strategies?

The Stockspot Topaz Inflation portfolio is a high growth strategy, best suited for those with a longer-term investment horizon of at least 7 years.

What are the fees for the Stockspot Topaz Inflation portfolio?

The weighted average underlying ETF fee is 0.42% p.a.

Refer to our pricing page for Stockspot management fees based on your investment balance.

I am an existing Stockspot client, how do I switch to this portfolio?

You can switch to this portfolio via your Stockspot dashboard in Your investments > Your Stockspot portfolio > Change investment strategy.

Why is the recommended timeframe 7+ years for this portfolio?

The Stockspot Topaz Inflation portfolio is a high growth strategy, with a higher allocation to growth investments vs defensive investments. Due to the higher allocation to growth investments it's best suited for those with a longer-term investment horizon of at least 7 years.