Investing for kids (without the fees)

At Stockspot we believe that children deserve the best start in life.
That’s why you can invest for your kids for free with Stockspot for portfolios up to $10,000.

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Investing for kids (without the fees)
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Say goodbye to the bank of mum and dad

$2,000 invested in a broad mix of investments earning 7% per annum + a regular top up of $100 a month could give your child nearly $66,092 by the time they're 21. And that's enough to ease the financial burden on you too.

Most savings accounts only offer about 2% interest per year.

See our assumptions.

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Ways to grow your kids’ savings

ETFs (Stockspot)

We recommend investing for kids with Exchange traded funds (ETFs).
They provide direct access to a wide range of investments such as Australian shares, international shares, bonds and metals. Investing in a diversified ETF portfolio has the potential to earn you higher long-term returns from both income and capital growth.

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How to invest for kids

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Our portfolios

The strategies below provide different mixes of growth and defensive assets, depending on your financial goals and risk appetite.

Get started early

Get started early

Whether it's education, sports, music, or a nice financial boost when they're older, the earlier you start investing for your kids, the better for their future.

See our assumptions.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I open a Stockspot kids account?

Select ‘Get Started’ on the Stockspot website and select account type 'Kids'. The application should be completed in the name of an adult (for example, a parent or grandparent) on behalf of the child or through a formal trust as minors can’t legally own investments until they are 18 or older.

What identification do I need to open a kids account?

Your passport or driver licence plus another form of ID like a utility bill. It’s helpful to have these documents handy when completing your application.

How much money do I need to start investing and what are the costs?

You can start with any amount. We’ll start investing on your behalf once your account hits $2,000. There are no Stockspot management fees until your child’s portfolio reaches $10,000 (or until the child turns 18).

Read more about investing for kids.

Is the account in my child's name?

No. If your child is under 18, the account is in your name on your child’s behalf, or your trust’s name if you are investing through a formal trust. This means you (or the trust) will be the legal owner of the investments until your child is 18 or older. At this point, you can transfer the holdings to the child or sell down from the portfolio to gift them the cash.

Can I create more than one kids account i.e. one for each of my children?

Yes. Apply for your first kids account and once opened you can apply for additional accounts from your dashboard. Just click on the arrow next to your account name (in the top-left corner of the screen), then select ‘Add new account’.

Can I withdraw funds before my child turns 18?

Yes. You can withdraw funds anytime by lodging a request in your dashboard. There are no lock-ins, but ideally you want to invest for as long as possible to give the portfolio plenty of time to grow.