Core-satellite investing done for you

(Stockspot Themes)

Enjoy the reliability of low-cost core index ETFs with the added flexibility of carefully selected satellite holdings, designed to target specific market opportunities. Let us handle everything for you.

Investing is easy with us

What is core-satellite investing?

At Stockspot, our core-satellite investing strategy blends the reliability of low-cost core index ETFs with the flexibility of selective satellite strategies. This method benefits from the broad market exposure of our core ETF portfolios, while our carefully chosen satellite options give you the control to capitalise on specific market opportunities.


Reliable core

Maintain the overall consistency of your portfolio with our low-cost core index ETFs, ensuring dependable, broad market exposure.


Strategic additions (Stockspot Themes)

Gain flexibility and targeted exposure to specific sectors or Themes that align with your market interests.

Experience the Stockspot difference

Low cost

Our portfolios have lower fees and have historically achieved better long term returns than most actively managed diversified funds.


Personalise your investment strategy with satellite investments that align with your market interests and goals.

Investing is done for you

Benefit from a hands-off investment approach that we manage for you, suitable for all experience levels.

Controlled risk

Maintain your portfolio's overall reliability with our low-cost core index ETFs, while also enjoying the flexibility and choice to align with your market interests.

Expert advice

Our investment advisers are on hand to help as much or as little as you need.

Your investment strategy, simplified

Select from a variety of satellite options to diversify your portfolio and target growth.

Step 1: Choose from one of our 10 core portfolios

Step 2: Satellite options (Stockspot Themes)

Choose from one of the pre-mix Themes bundles or choose your own Themes.

Get your core-satellite portfolio in four easy steps

Stockspot is Australia's first and largest online investment adviser specialising in ETFs. We can help set up and manage an ETF portfolio tailored for your goals. There's no paperwork and no need to be an expert.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum to invest in the Stockspot’s core-satellite options?

The minimum is $50,000. This is to ensure you have enough exposure in all the core asset classes before introducing specific market interests.

How were satellite options (Stockspot Themes) selected?

We have selected ETFs which offer low-cost, transparent and liquid exposure to asset classes, sectors and market factors that compliment the Stockspot core portfolios.

I am an existing client, why would I add a Theme to my portfolio?

Stockspot Themes enable you to choose areas of the market you want a greater focus on in your portfolio offering you more control and personalisation. For example you might want additional exposure to certain geographic regions (such as China or the U.S.), asset classes (global property or bonds), or market factors (small companies, dividend shares or socially responsible shares).

How do I add or change a Theme to my portfolio?

If you are investing $50,000 or more, you can select your chosen Theme/s when you create your account. If you already have a Stockspot portfolio, you can add or change Themes via the Your Investment section of your dashboard.

How much will be invested into each Theme I choose?

We optimise Themes in your portfolio so there's nothing you need to do. Each Theme will typically contribute between 5% and 10% of your overall portfolio once fully implemented.

How many Themes can I add to my portfolio?

You can add a pre-selected Themes bundle or maximum of 3 individual Themes to your portfolio.